How to Negotiate a Utility Bill Payment

Utility bills are a necessary evil of modern living.
Without electricity to power your devices and water to clean your dishes, you may find that your life is very, very different. If you have recently received a utility bill that is more than you can currently afford, there are a few options available to you in terms of payment. Working with the utility company to negotiate a new rate or payment plan can help keep your lights on and your bank account relatively undamaged.

Step 1

Start strong by negotiating a competitive rate when you first sign up for services. Look for promotional deals and other discounts to help get yourself the most utilities at the lowest rates.

Step 2

Contact the utility company as soon as you realize you will have a problem paying your bill. It is easier to negotiate your payments before they are overdue and you will avoid late charges.

Step 3

Speak with a utility company representative about your situation and explain that you would like to keep paying your bill but cannot pay the full balance. Work with the employee to develop a payment plan that you can stick to.

Step 4

Keep up with the payment plan and pay your bills on time. If you agree to a payment plan but miss a payment, the utility company may be able to demand the balance in full.

Step 5

Be nice and stay positive. People react to your emotions in kind and it is important to remember that service employees are not responsible for your current predicament. Treat people with courtesy and respect and you may find it easier to get what you want.