Storage Racks Made From PVC

Storage tote bins are notorious for taking up a lot of space and there are not many ways to store the actual bins without stacking them on top of each other. This makes getting the middle bins or bottom bins more challenging because you constantly have to move them around to find the right bin. A PVC storage rack is an effective method to store tote bins neatly that provides convenient access to the bins because the rack supports each tote individually. You can build your own PVC storage rack for a low cost with materials found at most hardware stores.

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  1. Use a hacksaw to cut 60 20-inch pieces from the PVC pipes.

  2. Cut 112 additional pieces each 12 inches in length with the hacksaw.

  3. Cut 28 14-inch pieces to use as the front-to-back cross pieces for the storage rack.

  4. Attach six 20-inch pieces horizontally with cross-connectors on each end of the pieces. Repeat this procedure to form seven additional horizontal bars for the storage rack (eight in total).

  5. Join two horizontal bars by inserting one 12-inch piece into the lower opening of a cross fitting. Attach a T-fitting to the other end of the 12-inch piece and insert an additional 12-inch piece into the T-fitting. Insert the free end of the second 12-inch piece into the upper opening of a cross-fitting. Repeat the procedure to connect a third and fourth horizontal bar.

  6. Repeat the process in Step 4 to connect the remaining four horizontal bars. You should have two four-bar sections connected.

  7. Insert one end of a 14-inch crosspiece into the remaining opening in the T-fittings. Connect the two four-bar sections with 14-inch front-to-back crosspieces to complete the storage rack.

  8. Strike each joint with a rubber mallet to ensure a secure connection.

  9. Stack the 20-gallon tote bins into your storage rack. The rack will contain six tote bins horizontally and four bins vertically.