How to Attach Carpet to Tack Strips

Most carpet installations use tack strips to attach carpet to the subfloors in a home. This process is easier and less expensive than trying to attach the entire carpet on the subfloor of large rooms. When working around tack strips, be careful as the tacks are sharp and can cut your hand or arms. Additionally, work in a pattern to make the project easier. For example, attach the north and south walls, then move to the east and west walls. You'll have to stretch the carpet, so this pattern will work well for attaching the carpet.

  1. Lay the carpet over the entire floor. Cover the tack strips along each wall.

  2. Attach the carpet to the tack strips along one wall, using a knee kicker. Work from the middle of the wall to the outer edges.

  3. Place a carpet stretcher on to the carpet. Set one end to the carpet you just attached with the kicker. Extend the stretcher to the opposite wall.

  4. Stretch the carpet across the room. Use the knee kicker to attach the carpet to the tack strips.

  5. Move to the other walls and attach the carpet, using the methods from steps 3 and 4.

  6. Remove excess carpet around the walls with a utility knife. Tuck the carpet edge beneath the baseboard with a putty knife.