How to Use Peroxide for Mold Removal

Hydrogen peroxide does more than treat wounds. It can effectively destroy mold inside your home. For the ecologically conscious, hydrogen peroxide can serve as an Earth-friendly alternative to chlorine bleach -- another product used for mold elimination -- due to its natural, oxygen-based composition. Note, however, that hydrogen peroxide is a powerful chemical compound, and if not used properly, it can damage the very surfaces that you hope to restore.

  1. Pour hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and dilute it with three times the amount of water. Although hydrogen peroxide is a natural product, it still functions as a bleaching agent. Therefore, it requires heavy dilution in order to exhibit its mold killing benefits without bleaching your household surfaces.

  2. Spray moldy grout and shower tiles and scrub the entire surface with a firm-bristled brush. Wait 10 minutes and rinse the affected area with warm water. Dry using towels. If mineral deposits appear on your tiles, use undiluted household vinegar and paper towels to wipe them away.

  3. Spray wood objects from a few inches away in order to avoid soaking your wood. Due to wood's highly absorbent surface, you want to make sure only to mist lightly, then scrub using a nonabrasive sponge in order to prevent scratching. Use this method on wood furniture, hard book covers and larger surfaces like decks and fences. For very large surfaces, consider using an insecticide sprayer rather than a spray bottle for easier distribution. Rinse your surface with warm water after 10 minutes and then dry using sunlight or heat.

  4. Mist your solution gently over a soft cloth or paper towel to remove mold from old books. You must handle paper with special care in order to avoid ruining the pages, so do not spray books directly. After dampening your paper towel or cloth, gently dab it over the moldy areas on your book and use a second cloth, dampened only with water, to gently remove the peroxide. Leave the pages open to dry.

  5. Pour 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide into the bleach dispenser in your washing machine if you want to remove mold from clothing and other fabrics. Add a cup of detergent to the detergent dispenser and set the machine for "Hot." For best results, dry your fabrics in the sun.