How to Paint Soffits

Following the right steps and having the right tools is important when painting the soffit of your home. The exterior soffit of a house is the horizontal trim portion that is just below the roof eave. Before starting your paint job, purchase paint that is formulated for the exterior of the house. Take the time to set up your work area, prepare the surface and make your paint selection. With careful planning and keeping some simple procedures in mind, you will have completed your soffit paint job in no time.

Prepare all the material needed ahead of time to ensure a smooth project.

Step 1

Prepare the area around the soffit you are painting by placing a drop cloth over any exposed concrete. Cover bushes in the area as well. Attach the drop cloth around pillars, if there are any in the area, by securing the drop cloth with painter's tape.

Step 2

Scrape away old, flaking paint and fill holes and cracks with wood filler, applied with a putty knife, before painting. If there are areas that are rough and need to be smoothed out, use sandpaper to smooth.

Step 3

Paint the soffit with primer and allow the coat to dry thoroughly before placing the first top coat of paint on the soffit.

Step 4

Using a brush or a roller, paint the soffit with the house paint of your choice. Select paint that is for outdoor surfaces. Soffits are usually painted the same color as the siding of the house.

Step 5

Paint the fascia after the soffit is complete. Fascia is the vertical trim piece between the eave and the soffit.

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