How to Hide a Refrigerator

Some refrigerators, such as sleek black or stainless steel, are attractive. Homeowners proudly feature those fridges as design cornerstones in their kitchens. Other fridges don't look quite as appealing. If you need to keep a functional-yet-ugly fridge, you might want to consider hiding it. Most homeowners want upscale appliances, but not everyone has the required budget. Fortunately, there are several ways to hide a refrigerator while simultaneously incorporating it into the design of your kitchen.

Use a variety of crafty solutions to hide a hideous fridge.

Step 1

Craft a cabinet to house the fridge while incorporating it into your existing design. Build walls and a top around the fridge, keeping a one-inch gap between the appliance and the wood. While the cabinet can be as simple as plywood or wood veneer over a two-by-four frame, the exact supplies and measurements required will depend on your fridge type and kitchen setup. Finish your construction by adding a simple, attractive door made from plywood and painted to match your color scheme.

Step 2

Position the fridge in an out-of-the-way place, such as a corner or nook. Install a curtain rod on the ceiling in front of the fridge and use it to hang a long curtain from rings. The rings allow you to push the curtain to the side when you need to access the fridge.

Step 3

Block the view from heavily trafficked areas by standing a folding screen in front of the refrigerator. Use a couple of tall potted plants rather than a screen if you want to add a touch of nature to your kitchen.


  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment when using appliance paint indoors and provide proper ventilation.
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