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How to Disguise a Freezer

Nannie Kate

When your kitchen is too small to accommodate an extra freezer, it must be put somewhere else in the house, where it will clash with your chosen design and become an eyesore. Even when the kitchen is large enough to include a freezer, it likely will interfere with the kitchen look you prefer.

Whatever your reason for disguising a freezer, make it disappear or blend in with its surroundings.

  1. Buy a built-in, integrated freezer rather than a standalone freezer. This type of appliance is hidden from view by exteriors that match surrounding cabinets or the general decor of the room. This tactic allows the room to retain a sleek, unbroken look, especially when other appliances are integrated. It is particularly useful when the kitchen is also part of a dining area or opens into a great room.

  2. Cover a chest freezer with a tablecloth, or sew a cover yourself. Create a homey look by topping the chest with flowers, a collection of family photographs or books displayed with attractive bookends. Hide freezers that are used for long-term storage in this manner, because it will be awkward opening and closing the freezer frequently. Remove the objects from the top on holidays, and use the space for a small Christmas tree, miniature village or as added buffet space for guests who come to dinner.

  3. Place a chest freezer used for long-term storage in the middle of a large kitchen, and use the top to prepare foods. Sew a fitted cover that can be washed, choosing a cheerful pattern that coordinates with the rest of the kitchen. Raise the freezer to a workable height by putting it on a simple wood dais. Keep your cutting boards and knife caddies on the freezer top.

  4. Build a frame for containing either an upright or chest freezer. Place the freezer in the nook and fashion a curtain, accordion doors, louver doors or a standard door, depending on how casual you care to be. In a more formal kitchen, hang French doors with etched glass for a touch of elegance. For a chest freezer, take advantage of the overhead space by building in shelves for extra storage.


For safety reasons, freezers, like other appliances, need a certain amount of clearance for ventilation. Consult your owner’s manual for information about your appliance.

Put your freezer in a place where there is an appropriate electric outlet, or arrange with an electrician to install one.