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How to Transport an Upright Freezer

Robin Hewitt

Upright freezers are bulky and awkward to move, and there's a knack to making the chore easier without damaging the appliance. With the safest technique, you'll have that freezer in place at your new home, and it'll be working like a charm.

  1. Secure the door shut with two strips of duct tape so it cannot swing open during transit.

  2. Slide the freezer away from the wall. If the freezer is in a cubby, edge it from side to side until the freezer is clear of the surrounding cabinets.

  3. Edge the lifting plate of the hand cart under the side of the upright freezer until the side of the freezer rests against the back of the cart. If the cart has moving straps, secure the freezer with the straps by buckling them tightly.

  4. Roll the freezer to the truck in which you plan to transport it.

  5. Lift the freezer into the bed of the truck by tipping the cart on a 45-degree angle against the open tail gate. With one person on the truck pulling and a second person on the ground lifting, slide the cart and freezer into the truck.

  6. Place the freezer over the axle of the truck bed during transit and pack other items around it so the freezer can't shift. To move the truck into your new home, reverse the process.