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Can You Lay a Kenmore Upright Freezer on Its Side to Transport It?

Sommer Leigh

Preparing a Kenmore upright freezer properly for moving it will ensure it not only arrives clean and ready to plug in, but also guarantees it arrives safely in the same condition as when it left. Keeping the freezer upright during transportation is the most recommended mode, but it's possible to place it on its side when necessary. Just protect it properly with either moving method and heed the warnings about what you need to do before plugging it in if you do move it on its side.

Preparing for the Move

To properly prepare a Kenmore upright freezer for moving, turn the freezer off and unplug the power cord. Remove all food from the freezer, defrost it completely and clean the inside of the freezer with a solution of water and baking soda. Rinse and dry the inside of the freezer completely. Wash all of the baskets and shelves in either baking soda and water or a solution of water and a mild detergent and dry them well. Tape the baskets and shelves together so they are not misplaced during the move.

Why to Move Upright

Standing the Kenmore freezer in the upright position prevents it from moving in a vehicle and prevents any oil from flowing out of the compressor into the freezer. When the oil flows out of the compressor, it may prevent the freezer from cooling sufficiently after the appliance is plugged in. To keep the freezer upright during moving, it's advisable to secure it in the truck so it doesn't tip over or slide around when the vehicle is moving. Tape the doors closed and wrap the freezer in a blanket or another heavy piece of material to protect it from damage.

Moving On Its Side

It is possible to move a Kenmore upright freezer on its side when the proper precautions are taken. Still tape the doors closed and wrap the freezer in a heavy blanket. After arriving at your destination, immediately place the freezer upright, but wait at least 30 minutes before plugging it in. This gives the oil from the compressor plenty of time to flow back into the compressor. Plugging the freezer in too soon may damage the freezer and prevent it from cooling correctly.

Other Tips

When moving a Kenmore upright freezer, use an appliance dolly to transport it from the house to the moving truck. Move the freezer straight out from the wall and raise the front so it rolls easier and screw in the leveling legs so they do not scratch the floor. Before plugging the freezer back in level the appliance with a carpenter's level. If the freezer is not level the door may not close or seal properly, which can cause cooling and moisture problems.