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How to Insulate a Freezer

Owen E. Richason IV

If you are putting a freezer outside on a porch, in a garage or shed, the outside elements will have an adverse affect on the appliance. Heat in the summer will cause it to run longer, costing more in electricity while winter months may freeze the water lines or freezer components such as the condenser. The remedy to keep the freezer running efficiently without increasing energy costs is to insulate the appliance.

  1. Have someone help you move the freezer near the spot where it will be placed and used.

  2. Lay three to four 2-by-4-inch lumber beams on the floor or ground to keep the freezer elevated. Place the freezer on top of the beams. This will keep the appliance from being affected by standing rainwater or a burst pipe.

  3. Wrap the freezer in insulation, securing the insulation to the appliance with duct tape. Cut out a section to access the door with a utility knife.

  4. Wrap the water line and electrical line with foam pipe wrap and secure with duct tape. This will protect the water line from freezing in the winter and keep the power cord from being exposed to the elements.