How to Tilt a Sunbrella

Sunbrella retractable awnings can be manually tilted to adjust the amount of sunlight that reaches the ground beneath them. The same tools used to protract and retract the awning are used to adjust the tilt angle. An extension rod, which comes with every Sunbrella purchase, is specifically designed to allow user control over the awning to facilitate maximum comfort and protection.

  1. Extend the Sunbrella awning to the fullest extent, using the extension rod.

  2. Locate the tilt hooks near the base of the awning unit on each collapsible swing arm. The tilt hooks each resemble a half link of a metal chain.

  3. Place the hooked end of the extension rod into the tilt hook. Do not let go of the extension rod.

  4. Twist the extension rod clockwise while pulling down on the tilt hook. Release the downward pressure on the tilt hook to stop the awning from tilting and allow you to better grasp the extension rod if necessary. Continue twisting the extension rod until the awning has reached the desired angle. Repeat the process with the opposite tilt hook.