How to Use a Patio Heater Indoors

There are patio heaters that are specially made for both indoor and outdoor use. When purchasing a heater look for that specification. Patio heaters provide warmth in the colder seasons and are a less expensive alternative to regular heaters. When using a patio heater indoors, there are certain requirements that have to be met. You can provide warmth for your house as long as you follow all the instructions carefully. In a matter of minutes, you can get your patio heater working indoors.

Some patio heaters can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Step 1

Place the patio heater on a flat firm surface indoors. Plug it into a nearby power outlet. Check your instruction manual for the recommended voltage.

Step 2

Press the red switch located on the upper right of the control panel to set the heater to the low setting. The bottom heating element will immediately start to radiate heat.

Step 3

Press the red switch at the top left of the control switch to set your patio heater to medium. The red switch for medium setting has two small white dots.

Step 4

Set the patio heater to the high setting by pressing both the low and medium switches. Both the upper and lower heating elements will radiate heat.

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