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How to Clean an Oster Electric Kettle

Mel Frank

Oster manufactures a variety of kitchen appliances, including electric tea kettles. As with any other kitchen appliance, the kettle requires occasional cleaning to get rid of any residue or buildup.

Clean your Oster electric kettle with a few simple steps.

While boiling water in the kettle, most residue deposits are typically removed, but some residue will require a bit more cleaning.

  1. Fill the tea kettle halfway with tap water.

  2. Add 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Vinegar is a natural cleaner and disinfectant that will kill bacteria and dissolve residue, and is much safer than harsh cleaning chemicals.

  3. Allow the mixture to sit in the kettle for 20 minutes. This will be enough time to dissolve the majority of the buildup in the kettle.

  4. Dip a scouring pad into the pot, and scrub the interior of the kettle to remove any remaining stuck-on residue.

  5. Pour out the vinegar water, and rinse with fresh water.

  6. Use a washcloth to wipe the outside of the kettle, if necessary. Do not use a scouring pad on the exterior of the kettle, as this will scratch and damage the finish.

  7. Warning

    Always unplug the kettle before cleaning.