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How to Clean the Mildew Inside the Stainless Steel Water Kettle

Jenny Landis-Steward

You can remove mildew from your stainless kettle with white cider vinegar. It is likely that the mildew is not on the metal itself, but on some residue of food that is stuck to the pan. Remove the mildew and cook with complete confidence in your kitchen's cleanliness.

  1. Make a paste of white vinegar and table salt. Pour about 1/2 cup salt into a bowl and add the vinegar until it reaches a paste consistency.

  2. Apply the paste to the inside of the mildewed stainless steel water kettle. Rub over the entire interior if you are able to reach inside. If the opening is too small to allow your hand inside, use a bottle brush.

  3. Add a couple cups of water and set the mixture to boil. Boil 20 minutes.

  4. Pour the water with salt and vinegar down the drain.

  5. Fill the kettle completely with water and pour down the drain. Do this two or three times.

  6. Warning

    Do not use harsh abrasives that can mar the surface.