DIY Storage Hoist for a Kayak on a Ceiling

To preserve your kayak's strength and integrity you need to get it out of the sun. To keep out bugs, rodents and insects, you need to get it indoors. To prevent damage to it, you need to get it up off the floor. A pulley system attached to the ceiling of your garage or workshop is a simple, cost-effective solution to the problem of storing your kayak in a safe, clean place where it will be ready to go when you are.

Kayaks last longer if stored inside.

Step 1

Measure the length of your kayak and the width. Find two ceiling joists approximately the same distance apart as the length of the kayak. Place marks on each joist the width of the kayak from the nearest wall.

Step 2

Screw a double pulley at each mark you made so you have one suspended above each end of the kayak.

Step 3

Attach a boat hook to the eye on the remaining double pulleys with a caribiner.

Step 4

Attach a boat hook to each cord. Attach the hook to the eye in each double pulley in the ceiling. Set the kayak on the floor beneath the ceiling pulleys and attach the double pulley/boat hook assembly to the carrying eyes on each end of the kayak.

Step 5

Thread the cords through one side of the lower pulley on each end, back up through one pulley of the upper double pulley, back down through the second pulley on the lower hook/pulley assembly and then up through the upper pulley with the cord ends of each pointed toward the end where you will put the flag brackets.

Step 6

Screw two flag brackets to the wall at one end of the kayak about waist high. Be sure they are attached to wall studs. Attach two single pulleys to a ceiling joist above the flag brackets. Attach a garage hook to the wall next to the flag brackets for coiling up the extra cord after you pull the boat up against the ceiling.

Step 7

Thread each cord from the upper pulley through a single pulley and down to the flag brackets. To hang the kayak, simply pull the two cords together and lift the kayak to the ceiling. Wrap the cords in a figure 8, one around each flag bracket and loop the leftover cord over the wall hook. To lower the boat, undog the cords from the flag bracket and gently lower the kayak to the ground. Then, just unsnap the boat hooks from the lift eyes at the bow and stern.

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