How do I Install a Genie Conversion?

If you are looking to use your garage door opener from a greater distance or with a different wireless frequency, you can install a Genie Conversion receiver onto the current garage door opener. This receiver allows you to fully extend the range of your wireless remote and even changes the wireless frequency, allowing you to use multiple remote controls with the equipment. Installing the conversion kit takes only a few moments and two dual split wires, which are provided with the equipment.

A Genie Conversion kit extends the range of your garage door remote.
  1. Stretch out the two split wires. Each end of the two wires have two different smaller wires splitting off. Take the two wires running from one end and attach each to the two wire connection points on the back side of the garage door transformer.

  2. Place one end of the current wire's free side onto the "PWR" port on the back of the Genie Conversion's radio control unit, then attach the second end of the wire onto the "CMN" connection on the control unit.

  3. Attach two of the free ends on the second wire onto the first and second openings on the garage door opener's motor head.

  4. Place one of the free wire ends onto the "Wall PB" port on the back of the radio control unit, then place the other end onto the "CMN" connection. Power on the radio control unit and you are ready to begin using your newly extended wireless garage door signal.

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