How to Fold Carpet When Laying Next to Ceramic Tile Flooring

Transitioning carpets to other flooring surfaces ensures that the carpet will not lift up as people walk over it. One important carpet transition is from carpet to tile. There is often a small space between these two flooring types, as it is difficult to install tack strips right next to ceramic tile flooring. A better transition piece is a Z-bar, which allows you to fold the carpet and hammer it into a secure metal transition piece.

Fold Carpet When Laying Next to Ceramic Tile Flooring
  1. Lift the carpet and pull it away from the ceramic tile for a few inches.

  2. Hammer the Z-bar transition as close to the ceramic tile as possible. Use the provided nails to attach the Z-bar to the subfloor.

  3. Trim the carpet, using a utility knife. Leave 1 inch of carpet that extends past the Z-bar transition.

  4. Fold back the excess carpet and place it into the Z-bar transition.

  5. Hammer the Z-bar transition closed, sealing the carpet into the Z-bar.

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