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How to Measure a Corner Shower

Stephen Lilley

As opposed to showers with rectangular or "neo-angle" shapes, corner showers are typically square. If you want to measure your corner shower and find its total square footage, you will have to go about this process in a slightly different way than you would with a different shaped unit. This involves finding a few specific measurements and performing a specific calculation relative to the shower's shape.

  1. Measure any two of the perpendicular pieces that make up your shower's frame. These pieces are commonly referred to as the "curb" or the "sill" of the shower. As corner showers are typically installed at 90-degree angles, you can measure two perpendicular pieces to find the length and width of the unit.

  2. Divide each of your inch measurements by 12 to convert to feet, a smaller number that better represents the curb or sill of your shower.

  3. Multiply the measurements from step 2 together to find the square footage of your corner shower. For example, if each piece of the sill you measured was 3 feet, your corner shower has an area of 9 square feet.