Microwave Door Repair

Microwaves are a modern convenience that many homes can't live without. Although microwaves are intended to work for years without problems, they might need repair from time to time. Two common problems include door blockages from a dirty microwave and broken handles. Since microwaves work only if the door is completely closed, you'll need to fix these problems quickly. Don't feel like you need to call for repair assistance; you can easily repair these problems with the door yourself.

Remove Debris Around Door

Don't call a repair person to fix a broken microwave door handle; you can replace it yourself.
  1. Open the door and check around the edges for crumbs or debris that may prohibit the door from closing completely.

  2. Wipe away crumbs with a sponge and mild, soapy water, checking both around the actual door edges and where the door meets the microwave.

  3. Check the hinges and the place where the door latches inside the microwave for buildup. Wring out the moisture from the sponge and wipe or scrub those areas down thoroughly to allow the door to operate correctly.

Disassemble the Door

  1. Open the microwave door wedge a putty knife in between the plastic piece that connects the inside of the door with the outside of the door.

  2. Run the knife all the way around the edges of the door to pop the plastic piece off, or just bend it back slightly so you have access to the screws of the door handle.

  3. Wipe the edges of the door with the damp sponge.

  4. Remove the screws that keep the handle connected to the door, and replace the broken door handle.

  5. Pop the plastic piece back into place inside the door, pressing all the way around the edges you pulled outward. Close the door as normal.


  • Manufacturers warn users to never try to operate the microwave while the door is open.

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