How to Quickly Make Rough Wood Floors Shine & Smooth

Your wood floor was gorgeous when it was freshly installed. But now small scratches are marring its look. Although you could completely refinish your floor, that may not be necessary. A less labor-intensive approach can restore the look of your floor.

Your wood floors don't have to stay rough.
  1. Remove all furniture. Clean all dust and debris from your wood floor, using a 1 part vinegar and 10 parts water solution and a terrycloth mop. Let the floor dry.

  2. Sand the floor. Go over the edges with 180-grit sandpaper and the middle with a buffer, which can be rented at a home-improvement store. Place a buffing pad on the bottom of the machine, and move it in a side-to-side motion. Vacuum the buffing pad every five minutes for best results.

  3. Remove sanding dust, using a vacuum cleaner and microfiber cloth.

  4. Apply a polyurethane finish. Use a paintbrush to apply the finish around the perimeter of the room first. Let this 3-inch strip around the room dry for 10 minutes. Then apply the finish to the middle of the floor with a long-handled paint roller with a 1/4-inch nap cover. Apply the first coat, wait 10 minutes, and then apply a second coat. The finish will be mostly dry in about three hours, but wait a week before you move the furniture back into the room.