How to Get Marker Out of Fabric

The trouble with markers is that their ink often don't stay strictly on the paper.

Marker stains can occur in an instant.
Marker stains on fabric happen all the time due to accidental motions or mistakes that bring the marker's ink in contact with clothing or other fabric. The good news is that you can remove most marker stains from fabrics if you treat the stains properly. You also can use inexpensive household products to handle this type of problem. .

Place several folded paper towels on the underside of the fabric, underneath the stained area.

Wet a cloth with rubbing alcohol and press it into the stain.

Saturate the stain as you dab the area with the cloth, changing paper towels underneath as they become wet. Continue dabbing until you do not see anymore ink transferring to the paper towels.

Treat the stain with a pre-wash laundry stain remover and let it sit for five minutes.

Launder the fabric according to its directions.

Things You Will Need

  • Club soda
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paper towels
  • Laundry stain remover


  • If you stain your clothing with a marker and cannot treat it right away, dab some club soda on the area if possible to help prevent the stain from setting.


  • Fabrics that are "dry clean only" should be taken to a dry cleaner for stain removal.

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