How to Clean an XL1200 Air Conditioner

Hollan Johnson

The bulk of the Trane XL 1200 central air unit is outside of your home and should be cleaned regularly to keep it working well. The air filters for the XL 1200 should also be changed so the unit can work efficiently. Trane recommends that you do no further maintenance on the unit yourself, however.

  1. Turn off your Trane air conditioning unit.

  2. Open the filter door and pull the used filter straight out from the housing. Place a new filter in the housing. Close the filter door. Replace the Trane XL 1200 every six to eight weeks during the cooling season.

  3. Rake any leaves and debris away from the outside Trane XL 1200 unit. Keep the area around the unit clear of plants and dirt.

  4. Place 2 tsp. of dish soap on a cloth and run water over it to create suds. Wipe down the exterior of the Trane XL 1200 with the cloth to remove dust and dirt. Rinse off the cloth and wipe the unit down again to rinse off the suds.