The Installation of a Singer Sewing Machine Needle

Singer sewing machines are pedal-operated machines that can handle a variety of fabrics and patterns. Some machines are computerized and can even embroider for the user. Installing a needle on a Singer sewing machine is a simple process. Correct installation of the sewing machine needle will help you complete the project successfully. You should replace the needle with a new one every two to three projects to prevent breakage.

  1. Select the correct needle size for your project. The thicker the fabric is, the larger the needle size you will need to prevent needle breakage.

  2. Turn the needle clamp screw located on the side of the needle housing to loosen the clamp. Turn it until the clamp is as loose as possible.

  3. Insert the needle into the clamp with the flat side facing away from you. Push the needle up into the clamp as far as possible. Turn the clamp screw in the opposite direction to tighten it as much as you can by hand.

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