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How to Install Deck Carpeting on Treated Plywood

Ann Struble

Installing indoor-outdoor carpeting on your deck is a fairly straight-forward process. Thankfully, the options for outdoor carpeting are better than they used to be, giving you more color options than the usual "grass green." Choosing the correct product for your application will make a big difference in its longevity. Carpets made of olefin are ideal for decks that have full exposure, as they handle high traffic well and are moisture and mildew-resistant. Having the treated plywood already in place makes quick work of this project.

  1. Clean the treated plywood. It is important for this surface to be clean and completely dry for the double-sided tape to adhere correctly.

  2. Place the double-sided tape around the perimeter of the deck surface. Peel back one side of the double-sided tape to secure it to the treated plywood. Be sure to press the tape solidly to the plywood to ensure a good seal.

  3. Roll the carpet out to cover the deck area.

  4. Pull back one side of the carpet to allow yourself to remove the backing from the double-sided tape. Place the carpet carefully and evenly onto the tape. Work from one corner to the other, pulling the carpet tight to avoid bubbles and wrinkles.

  5. Repeat step 4 until all sides of the carpeting have been secured by the tape.

  6. Press the carpet into the tape on all sides to be sure it is securely in place.

  7. Cut away the excess carpeting, trying to leave the edge of the carpet even with the edge of the deck.