How to Use Masking Tape for Skinned Trees

The bark skinned from a tree is an open invitation to insects and disease that are potentially harmful to the tree itself. Lawn equipment is often the cause of tree losing bark; the equipment contacts and tears bark off the tree. Repair of the skinned area is essential so the tree heals properly and does not incur further damage from insects or disease.

Repair skinned bark damage on trees with paper masking tape.
  1. Fold the skinned bark back over the area on the tree from which it was removed. Observe how the skinned bark fits the damaged area and look for ragged or torn areas of bark.

  2. Trim the ragged and torn bark areas from the tree and skinned bark with a sharp knife. Carefully trim off the ragged edges that can interfere with the reattachment of the skinned bark to the tree and create a hiding place for insects.

  3. Place the skinned bark on the damage area of the tree and center it as much as possible.

  4. Tear off paper masking tape strips to hold the skinned bark in place on the tree. Use paper masking tape as it will hold the bark temporarily and will deteriorate and fall off eventually as the tree heals.

  5. Wrap longer pieces of paper masking tape around the trunk of the tree and secure the tape to itself to help hold it in place. Place as many wraps of tape as necessary around the tree trunk to hold the skinned bark securely in place.