Char-Broil Quickset Grill Assembly Instructions

Grilling is something that everyone can enjoy, almost any time of year. Char-Broil is a grill manufacturing company that has been making grills since 1948. Their line of Quickset grills are propane gas-powered outdoor grills. There are a number of steps to assembling a Quickset grill, but the process is designed to be completed in around 30 minutes.

  1. Attach the leg extender onto the leg shelf support with the #10-24x1-3/4 inch machine screws. Secure the screws with the #10-24 inch wing nuts. Orient the leg extender insert threads crossways to the leg shelf supports. Do not tighten the screws completely; this will be done later.

  2. Connect a match holder to the leg shelf support. On the leg that does not have a leg extender, attach a leg support. Use a #10-24x1-3/4 inch screw and #10-24 inch wing nut to secure each side. Join the upper part of the legs and a support bar with #10-24x1-3/4 inch screws and #10-24 inch wing nuts.

  3. Place the support bar between the left and right legs and rails on the outside of each leg. Connect them with #10-24x1-3/4 inch machine screws and #10-24 wing nuts. Attach the rail to the left leg. Flip the assembly over. Place the tank support bracket between the left legs. Slide the axle into the wheel, put the axle through the leg and bracket, and secure the axle with the hitch pin.

  4. Face the holes in the lower panel up, and connect the panel with push fasteners in the upper holes and #10-24x1/2 inch machine screws in the lower holes. Remove the screws and wing nuts attached to the leg shelf support in step 1A in order to install the upper panel. Attach the upper panel with push fasteners. Securely tighten all of the screws.

  5. Connect the back panels and rear rail to the tank exclusion wires with hitch pins. Place the control panel onto the cart and secure it with #10-24 wing nuts and #10-24x1-3/4 inch machine screws. Put the valve/hose/regulator on the control panel, attaching it with two #10-24x12 inch machine screws. Ensure that the valve stems are level. Place the ignitor in the designated hole in the control panel and connect put the terminal ignitor wire lug in the pin on the end of the ignitor.

  6. Position the firebox on the cart, and place the heat shield onto the bottom of the firebox. Secure them with the fiber washers, #10-24 wing nuts, and #10-24x1-1/4 inch carriage bolt. Install the burner assembly into the firebox. Maneuver the venturi valves and tubes until they engage correctly. Connect the small end of the venturi clip to the venturi tube and the large part of the clip to the valve. Level the burner by adjusting the screws that attach the valve to the control panel. Attach the control knobs onto the valves. Place the firebox control panel inside the firebox, attaching it with #8 sheet metal screws. Connect the electrode and the ignitor wire.

  7. Place the side shelves onto the leg support shelves. Secure them with #10-24x1-3/4 inch machine screws. Connect the lower lid hinges to indentations marked for them on the back of the firebox, with the center flat portion of the hinge on the bottom. Fasten them with #10-24 flange nuts, #10-24x1/2 inch machine screws, and fiber washers.

  8. Fasten the handle onto the lid front with two #10-24 wing nuts, and the upper lid hinges to the back of the lid with fiber washers, #10-24 flange nuts, and #10-24x1/2 inch machine screws. Make sure that the hinges curve downward. Line up the hinges and place the lid assembly on the firebox. Securely fasten the lid hinges inside the firebox hinges with two hitch pins and hinge pins.

  9. Insert the vaporizer bar on the V-shaped bar rests at an angle. This enables it to fit beneath the cooking grate supports inside the firebox. The cooking grate sits on top of the firebox. Locate the Swing Away pivot wires. Place these wires into the holes on the sides of the grill lid. Place the Swing Away leg wires into the holes on the sides of the firebox. Place the leg and pivot wires that are side by side under the wires that are front to back. This ensures that the Swing Away is not installed upside down.

  10. Attach the grease cup clip to the bottom of the firebox. Insert the grease cup into the grease clip. Place the tank wire in the holes in the left legs. Turn the tank wire toward the inside of the cart.