How to Install a Gutter Guard From Lowe's Yourself

Using gutter guards helps to keep dead leaves, pine needles and all other manner of debris out of your roof's gutter system. Your gutter system needs to be kept clear so that rain runoff can drain efficiently. If gutters become clogged, the extra moisture and decaying vegetation around your roof line can lead to termite infestation as well as mold issues in your home. Gutter guards come in rolls and can be purchased from Lowe's and other home improvement stores.

Using a gutter guard will keep debris from building up in your gutter system.
  1. Measure each length of gutter that you want to install a gutter guard on. Add these measurements together so you can purchase enough gutter guard to complete your project.

  2. Attach the supplied hinge clips to one side of the gutter guard. These clips will attach to the outer lip of your gutter. The clips should be placed between 1 and 2 feet apart.

  3. Measure and cut a length of gutter guard to match a length of your gutter system.

  4. Lay the gutter guard on top of your gutter. If more than one roll is required for a single length, overlap your gutter guard pieces by at least 1 to 2 inches.

  5. Snap the hinge clips to the outer edge of your gutter system.

  6. Allow the other side of the gutter guard to rest on top of the edge of your roof's shingles.


  • Use caution when working on a latter as improper use can cause serious injury.
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