How to Get the Front Panel of a Dryer Off

The front panel of a clothes dryer protects the mechanisms and motor inside from dust and dirt. If you need direct access the the revolving clothes drum, the motor or the drive belt, you must first remove the front panel of the dryer. Appliance construction varies among manufacturers and models, although the process for removing the front panel is essentially the same. Follow basic safety procedures before opening the cabinet of any electrical or gas appliance.

The front panel of the dryer covers the drum and motor.
  1. Close the dryer door so that it latches and pull the dryer out from the wall so you can move behind the appliance. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet behind the dryer and close the gas valve knob, if you have a gas dryer.

  2. Lift the lint screen cover on the top of the dryer and pull the lint screen out of its slot to remove the two screws underneath. Set aside the screws and lint screen. If your lint screen is inside the dryer door, skip this step.

  3. Insert a flat-blade screwdriver in the left and right corners of the dryer front panel at the top, in the narrow gap where the panel meets the top of the dryer. Pry up the top of the dryer gently, taking care not to pull loose any wiring.

  4. Pull out the metal clip on the top-left and -right corners of the front panel, using pliers. Removing the clips disengages the front panel completely from the dryer top.

  5. Extract the screws on the left and right edge of the front panel and the kick panel below the front panel. Save the screws for reconnecting later.

  6. Pull forward from the top of the front panel to disengage the part from the cabinet, then set aside. You can now access the front of the dryer drum, motor, drive belt and other parts in the front of the appliance.


  • Do not reconnect the power cord or turn on the gas until the dryer is completely reassembled.
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