How to Flush out the Drain on an Air-Conditioning Unit

Water damage inside your home can be extremely costly to repair. If you have central air-conditioning it is important to check the drain line on a regular basis. The drain line runs from the drain pan, which is mounted beneath your cooling unit, through your walls and to an outflow pipe on the outside of your home. Algae and bacteria can grow inside your AC drain line, causing a clog. If the clog isn't handled, severe water damage can occur.

  1. Lift the top off your wet vac and remove the dry filter. Place the lid back on it and plug the wet vac in.

  2. Bring the wet vac to where your AC line drips outside your house. Drain lines are sometimes located near the AC compressor unit outside. Look around until you find the pipe.

  3. Place the end of the wet vac against the AC outflow pipe and duct tape the nozzle over the pipe. Once the seal if tight, turn on the wet vac. The vacuum pressure will clear out your AC line.

  4. Locate the AC drip pan in your attic or crawlspace. The outflow pipe is attached to it. Pour 1 cup of bleach down the line. This cleans out any remaining algae and also helps prevent the growth of new algae.

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