How to Remove Moss From Asphalt

Moss is a green, furry plant growth that thrives in areas of high moisture and low sunlight. It does not require fertile soil to live and often clings to hard surfaces such as driveways and paths made of asphalt. Although the moss will not damage the asphalt, it does cause a slipping hazard for humans walking on it. Additionally, some homeowners simply do not like the appearance of moss. Removing it requires the use of special cleaners and abrasive cleaning methods.

Moss on asphalt creates a slipping hazard.
  1. Fill a large bucket with 1 gallon of water and add 1.6 cups of household bleach to it, thus creating a 10-percent bleach cleaner.

  2. Pour a light layer of the bleach mixture onto the asphalt in the areas of high moss growth. Allow the bleach to sit for two to three minutes to begin killing the moss.

  3. Place a long-handled, stiff-bristled push broom on the asphalt and scrub it firmly using back and forth motions to dislodge the moss from it. Moss does not have roots and will detach fairly easily.

  4. Rinse the entire asphalt area with a spray from a garden hose to detach any remaining moss and to wash away all of loosened moss. Direct the spray to an area of the yard where there are no plants or grass, since the bleach may damage them.