How to Quiet a Mattress

When you or your partner shift positions in your sleep, loud, squeaking springs and hardware can cause a disturbance that could be loud enough to wake you up. Although many people attribute squeaking noises to mattress springs, loose screws in the framework and headboards or rusty connection points in box springs and frames are usually to blame. If your noisy bed is causing you to lose sleep, you can fix the problem with a few common household tools and supplies.

Noisy box springs and bed frames can cause sleep loss.
  1. Remove the mattress and box spring from the bed frame.

  2. Inspect the headboard, footboard and bed frame attachments for loose, missing or rusted screws. Replace any screws if necessary and tighten all loose screws with a screwdriver.

  3. Press down on the bed frame and shake it gently to see if the squeaking continues. If it does, spray all the connections with lubricating spray.

  4. Wait about 10 minutes for the lubricant to sink in, and apply pressure and gently shake the bed frame again. If squeaks persist, apply pressure to the individual slats to determine the source of the noise. Wrap a piece of cloth around the end of the problem slat where it attaches to the frame.

  5. Replace the box spring and mattress. Lie on the bed and move around as you would in your sleep. If you continue to hear squeaks, there may be a problem with the box spring.

  6. Remove the mattress from the bed and remove the dust cover from the box spring.

  7. Spray the wooden connections on both sides with lubricating spray. Wait for the lubricant to dry before replacing the dust cover and reassembling the bed.

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