How to Get Dog Hair Off of the Couch

Dog hair accumulates on furniture pieces such as a couch, even if you do not let the dog sleep or lay on the sofa.

Dog hair sticks onto couch cushions, even if your dog doesn't sleep on the furnitureDog hair sticks onto couch cushions, even if your dog doesn't sleep on the furniture
Such hair transfers onto your clothes whenever you sit on or brush up against the couch. The hair also causes foul pet odors to appear on the surface of the couch. The exact method you choose to eliminate the dog hair from the couch depends on the style of couch you own and the amount of hair you notice.

Gather together and eliminate visible dog hair, using your hands. This won't remove all of the hair, but it does make the rest of the process easier.

Wipe the couch surface with used fabric softener sheets. According to Reader's Digest, such sheets attract dog hair as they are swept across the couch. The amount of sheets needed varies based on the size of the couch and amount of hair on the furniture piece.

Dampen a pair of rubber cleaning gloves or paper towels with water. Wipe the couch with the gloves or towel. The moist item attracts hair that is clumped on the cushions and back of the couch. Rinse and re-dampen the gloves a few times, or use several different towels to gather all of the hair on the couch.

Run a lint brush along the couch's surface. Hair sticks to the brush's surface, allowing you to eliminate hair that is found deep inside the cushions of the couch.

Vacuum the couch. The vacuum sucks up any leftover hair that wasn't removed using previous methods. There are also special pet hair removal vacuum cleaners on the market. Such vacuum cleaners are meant to specifically lift dog and other pet hair from rugs, carpets and furniture pieces.

Things You Will Need

  • Used fabric softener sheets
  • Rubber cleaning gloves/paper towels
  • Water
  • Lint brush
  • Vacuum cleaner


  • Steps 2 through 5 are not safe on all types of couches. Read the packet/booklet that was included with the couch for more information regarding the methods. Use the methods described in those steps on an inconspicuous portion of the couch first if you're unsure.

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