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How Does Microfiber Hold Up to Wear?

April Sanders

Microfiber is a synthetic material. It consists of extremely tiny fibers, thinner than a human hair. It is also ten times finer than silk. These fibers are the tiniest fibers that can be made with today's technology. Not only that, but they are very soft, light and extremely durable as well. Microfiber is stain resistant, does not tear easily, and does not attract lint or dust. It is, in fact, the strongest fabric to be found on the market. For this reason, microfiber is often used to cover items that receive a lot of wear and tear, such as sofas.

Made to be Strong

Very Strong

This durability is one reason microfiber is becoming very popular on furniture, especially sofas and couches. In addition, when used on furniture, microfiber is attached to a polyester base. Polyester absorbs and keeps color very well, so this means that in addition to being strong, dust-resistant and stain-resistant, microfiber also holds its color very well.

In addition, microfiber is soft and looks and feels much like suede, only without the fragility. In fact, water spilled on microfiber will dry spotlessly, although it should not be allowed to soak into the fabric. Most stains on microfiber can be cleaned with a wet cloth and a tiny dab of dish soap.

Dirt and Dust

Microfiber tends to repel dirt and dust; however, if your microfiber furniture does get dingy, you can usually remove dirt or dust quickly and easily with a lint brush or a vacuum cleaner.

While microfiber is one of the most durable fabrics available, it is not perfect. It is vulnerable to extreme temperatures, so any microfiber-covered furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight, or under or over a direct source of heat. Other than that, microfiber will stand up to wear and tear for a very long time!