How to Get Blood Out of a White Dress Shirt

Whether it’s a simple paper cut or deep gash, accidents are inevitable. Bloody messes can occur unexpectedly at special events and ultimately stain your white dress shirt. Blood consists of plasma, nutrients, hormones and waste, which form protein stains on cotton shirts. Like all protein stains, blood immediately sets in fabric fibers and, if disregarded, becomes increasingly arduous to eradicate over time. Promptly address fresh blood before it permeates and leaves a permanent red blotch on your white dress shirt.

Blood can ruin your white dress shirt’s appearance.

Step 1

Saturate a dye-free rag with cold water.  Blot the water-soaked cloth onto the blood-stained shirt to rinse out excess blood.

Prevent spreading the blood further by rinsing the cloth with fresh water between blots. 

Step 2

Prepare a stain-removal solution of 1 tsp.  of dish soap, 1 tsp.

of ammonia and 1 cup of cold water.  Mix the soap, ammonia and water in a clean bowl.

Step 3

Dampen another dye-free rag in the stain-removal solution.  Use the saturated cloth to blot the shirt and dissolve the remaining blood.

Rinse the cloth with fresh water between blots. 

Step 4

Moisten a third dye-free rag with cold water.  Blot the water-soaked cloth onto the shirt to rinse out the soap solution.

Step 5

Examine the shirt for blood.  If traces of the red blemish persist, resume blotting the shirt with the stain-removal solution until the blood dissolves completely.

Step 6

Launder the dress shirt in your clothes washer with warm water and 1/4 cup of chlorine bleach. 

Step 7

Lay the shirt flat to air-dry. 

Things You Will Need

  • 3 dye-free rags
  • 1 tsp. dish soap
  • 1 tsp. ammonia
  • Clean bowl
  • Clothes washer
  • 1/4-cup chlorine bleach

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