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How to Make a Maglite Brighter

Dan Harkins

If your MagLite's not bright enough, a few modifications can be all you need to improve its performance. The company offers a few types of parts to bolster its flashlights' light-producing capabilities. When done correctly with compatible parts for your specific model, these improvements could add hundreds of lumens to your MagLite's specifications.

You can have your MagLite shining its brightest with minor modifications.
  1. Turn off your MagLite.

  2. Unscrew the top bulb compartment. Pull out the reflector from the bulb compartment and the lens disk from the top screw-on cap. Write down the model number.

  3. Press down gently on the bulb and twist it counterclockwise to remove it. Identify the type of bulb from the writing on or near the threads.

  4. Remove your batteries by unscrewing the door to the battery compartment, which is under the hand grip. Make sure your batteries are fully charged. Make note of the battery type.

  5. Order from MagLite an upgraded LED bulb and metallic bulb reflector that's specifically made for your model. Also, to avoid melting, replace your plastic lens cap with a glass version. (For larger models of MagLites, a new battery compartment may be available to transform a supply of two D's or C's into one that contains several more AA's or AAA's.)

  6. Install your new reflector, bulb, glass lens disk and battery compartment after they arrive in the mail. Test out your bolstered illumination.