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How to Change the Battery in a Health-O-Meter HDL830-63 Digital Glass Scale

Leonardo R. Grabkowski

When the weight display screen on the Health-O-Meter HDL830-63 digital glass scale shows "Lo," it means you need to replace the battery soon. The batteries in some Health-O-Meter digital scales are not replaceable, but the HDL830-63's battery is. The battery is fairly easy to replace and is available at most electronics stores.

  1. Flip the scale over on top of a towel to prevent damaging the glass surface. You'll see a small compartment on the back. This is the battery compartment.

  2. Push the locking tab and lift the compartment cover. Lift the metal tab away from the top of the battery. Lift one edge of the scale up and hold it at an angle. Allow the battery to drop from the compartment and into your hand.

  3. Insert the new battery into the compartment. Check the diagram in the battery holder to determine whether the positive side goes up or down.

  4. Push the metal tab over the new battery. Insert the compartment cover back into its place and pull the locking tab to allow it to snap back on. Turn the scale over.