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How to Replace a CR2016 Battery

Kallie Johnson

A CR2016 is a small, circular lithium coin cell battery. The battery is commonly used in many household products, such as keyless car remotes, watches, MP3 players, calculators and PDA devices. The battery is not rechargeable and once it dies, it needs to be replaced.

  1. Access the battery bay of the object that needs a replacement battery. The battery bay is located in different areas and can be accessed in different methods, depending on the item, manufacturer and model. If you are unsure how to access the battery bay, refer to the product's user manual.

  2. Lift the old CR2016 battery from the battery bay.

  3. Insert the new battery into the battery bay. The battery lies flat in the battery bay. Follow the +/- indicators in the battery bay or on the battery cover for proper placement of the battery. Coin cell batteries have a plus (+) mark on one side of the battery and a minus (-) mark on the opposite side.