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How do I Operate a Cabela's Xt1500 Digital Scale?

Anthony Diaz de la Vega

Digital scales are more accurate in making measurements than traditional scales that rely on counter balances. They are also able to accommodate a much wider range of weights, making them ideal for lab technicians or cooks who regularly use different measures. Cabela's XT 1500 digital scale features a wide base for steady measurements and a plastic lid that prevents fluctuations due to wind currents or changes in air pressure. Always keep a fresh nine volt battery in your scale to ensure that it will be ready to go when you need it.

Digital scales provide much greater accuracy than their analog counterparts.
  1. Insert a nine volt battery into the battery compartment or connect the scale to a power outlet using the 110 volt AC adapter included with it.

  2. Press the "Power" button on the face of the scale. Remove the plastic lid from the top, exposing the scale's metal measuring surface.

  3. Press the "Tare" button to return the scale's measurement to zero (also known as "zeroing-out" the scale). Choose your unit of measurement (grams, ounces, etc.).

  4. Place the object or substance to be measured in the center of the scale. Record the weight of the item. Remove it from the scale, press "Tare" again and remeasure the weight to ensure accuracy.

  5. Press "Power" when you are finished and unplug the scale from the power source.