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How to Use a Tanita Scale

Lisa Maloney

Tanita digital scales have low-profile designs so you can easily tuck them out of sight when not in use. They have either a 330- or 440-pound upper weight limit, depending on the model, and some models feature oversized weighing platforms. Tanita scales cost anywhere from about $30 for a basic personal-use model on sale to hundreds of dollars for a higher-end professional model (as of 2010), but they all work the same way.

  1. Place the Tanita scale on a firm, level surface.

  2. Tap the center of the scale platform with your foot to activate it. If the scale model you’re using has “personal keys” (keys to identify which user is on the scale), as does the HD-351, tap the appropriate personal key with your toe to activate the scale. This also automatically calibrates the scale.

  3. Wait until the scale displays “0.0”, then step on the scale. Stand with both feet completely on the scale platform, with your weight evenly distributed between your feet, and wait for the scale to display your weight. The scale will automatically turn off after about 30 seconds.