How to Prep New Drywall for Texture

Texture is the core foundation of any beautiful wall. Done well, it can add interest and definition to a room by enhancing paint color, depth and sheen. Before you can get to this step, it's essential to have all new drywall properly prepped. Drywall preparation is an art form that requires a little practice and a lot of patience to master, but the resulting gorgeous walls are well worth the time.

Preparing Drywall

Drywall prep is worth the time and effort.
    Don't worry about imperfections at the earliest stages.
  1. Sink any protruding nails or screws into the drywall using a hammer or screwdriver. All indentations will be filled with mud, so there's no need to worry about imperfections in the drywall surface at this stage.

  2. Adhere drywall tape to all seams and inside corners. Use corner bead on all outside corners, cutting to fit with a utility knife and stapling in place.

  3. Make sure the mud covers all imperfections.
  4. Fill the mud pan with prepared drywall compound (mud). Using the taping knife, spread mud on all corners, seams and nail or screw indentations, being careful not to leave any lumps or ridges that will have to be scraped and sanded down smooth later.

  5. Allow time for the first coat of mud to dry. Using the large floating knife, spread another coat of mud over the first layer, focusing on making the surface as smooth as possible, without any ridges. Repeat this step at least twice, or until the edges of all joints are feathered and smooth.

  6. Sand the entire surface of the wall using sanding screens, smoothing the surface and making it flush. The wall is now ready for texture.

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