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How to Remove a Burn Mark From a Dining Room Table

Cleveland Van Cecil

Wood furniture, even when stained, will not take kindly to hot items or fire touching its surface. The dining room table, because you eat on it, is more likely to get burns than any other piece of furniture in the home. A hot pot set on the surface, or a candle that tips over can leave a horrifying scorch mark. Luckily, most minor burns in wood can be scuffed out without ruining the wood or stain.

Hot pots can cause burn marks on dining room tables.
  1. Dip a clean cloth in lemon juice and scrub the area to remove heat marks. Polish the area with a wood oil to bring back its luster.

  2. Dip a 0000 steel wool piece in cooking oil and rub it gently along the grain of the wood if the lemon juice does not work. Gently rub the oil into the mark. Examine the mark in the wood after each pass with the steel wool to prevent taking up too much of the stain. Polish the wood once the stain is removed.

  3. Dig out the stain using a curved blade. Work the edge of the blade into the stain and lightly carve out the mark. Use a fine-grit sand paper folded into a small square to remove the char if a curved blade is not available. Apply stain that matches the existing stain to cover up the exposed area.