How to Care for 100% Cotton

Beth Rifkin

Cotton is an extremely comfortable and versatile fabric used for all types of clothing, including tops, pants, dresses, socks and under garments. There's nothing like having a soft cotton shirt next to your skin or warm cotton socks on your feet. 100 percent cotton holds color well and can stand up to repeated washings, which makes taking care of it a snap.

Soft cotton towels feel good against your skin.
  1. Follow the manufacturer's care and laundry recommendations for each particular piece of 100 percent cotton clothing that you have. Though washing cotton is similar for most articles of clothing, adhering to the manufacturer for specific water temperatures, or any other details, is always a smart idea.

  2. Turn your 100 percent cotton clothing inside out before washing. Turning clothes inside out is believed to save wear and tear to your clothes allowing them to last longer, which can help save you money.

  3. Tumble dry your clothes on medium heat. Avoid over drying, which can cause your clothes to wear out faster or possibly even burn your 100 percent cotton clothing.

  4. Remove your clothes from the dryer as soon as they are dry to prevent wrinkling. Folding or hanging your clothes up right away can always save on ironing time.

  5. Hand wash cotton dedicates using a mild detergent and warm water. Let them lay flat to dry on a towel or allow them to line dry rather than putting them in the dryer. Once dry, you may throw your dedicates in the dryer for a few minutes in order to fluff them up a bit.