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How to Dry Tennis Shoes in the Dryer

Margo Benjamin

Tennis shoes experience a lot of wear and tear, depending on the activities you are involved in. As a result, you must clean them regularly to keep them looking and smelling good, but it can take a long time for them to air dry. If you need to wear them the same day you wash them, toss them into the dryer.

While drying shoes in the dryer can cause some damage over time, it's a lot quicker than air-drying them.

  1. Remove lint from the dryer's lint filter. When the lint filter is free of lint, air circulation is improved, allowing better drying.

  2. Stuff medium-sized towels into each of your tennis shoes. This helps absorb some of the moisture when the shoes are in the dryer and helps keep the shape of the shoes.

  3. Set the temperature of the dryer to "Low." Using a high temperature setting can damage your shoes by loosening glue and overheating the rubber.

  4. Add a few clean white towels to the dryer with your tennis shoes. This will speed up the drying time and reduce the amount of noise the shoes make while drying.

  5. Turn on the dryer. Drying time will vary depending on your dryer. Be careful not to over-dry your shoes.

  6. Warning

    Do not dry your shoes in the dryer too often, as this can cause damage.