How to Install a Damper Clamp

It's simple to install a damper clamp. The damper is a popular device which bolts the forks of a motorcycle to one side of the frame, while the opposite end is bolted to the damper. The damper is a device that steadies the steering capability of the motorcycle. It also keeps its forks from any sort of back and forth oscillation. The device is also utilized as a reliable performance mechanism in that it heightens the overall safety of the motorcycle.

Step 1

Use the torque wrench to tighten the clamp. Bolt the frame clamp to the bracket arm. Utilize the torque wrench to constrict the torque. Take off the center nut by using the socket. Put tape of the chrome nut in order to guard the finish. Take off the washer. It is located right under the nut.

Step 2

Put in the fork bracket. It should be installed in the center of the forks. These forks will be found near the center nut. Switch the washer and nut. Take off the plastic protector. The protector is located by the steering damper. Move the damper through the forked bracket clamp. Tie the end of the knob to the frame bracket.

Step 3

Place the clamp in the steering damper. Rotate the clamp. The damper will now be kept in its place and secured.

Step 4

Use the adjustment knob to alter the feel of the fork's dampening action. Take the bike for a test ride.

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