How to Install a Chandelier Light Fixture

Replacing a light fixture takes some caution since you are working with electrical lines, but by taking necessary precautions, you can install the chandelier correctly and without injury. Before you begin, make sure you tell others in the house what you will be doing so they do not touch the electrical box for the house. Installing a new chandelier should take you less than an hour to complete, even if it is your first time putting one in.

The chandelier will come with its own set of wires and a crossbar you use for the installation.
  1. Shut off the electricity to the room at the house's electrical panel. Plug a lamp into an outlet in the room to make sure the electricity is off while you are working.

  2. Remove the screws that hold the old fixture's decorative covering to the ceiling and lower the cover away from the ceiling. Remove the screws holding the crossbar on the electrical box in the ceiling and carefully set the old light fixture down.

  3. Attach the crossbar that came with the new chandelier to the electrical box by driving the anchor screws through the strap and into the screw holes in the electrical box. Insert the new light's wires through the nipple in the strap and the strap in the electrical box.

  4. Use wire strippers to remove the insulation off the final inch of each of the light's wires. Wrap the light's ground wire around the grounding screw in the electrical box. Connect the like-colored wires from the ceiling and light fixture together using wire nuts.

  5. Push the decorative cap against the ceiling and tighten the screws that hold it in place. Screw in the fixture's light bulbs and attach any shades or glass covers. Turn the electricity to the room back on and turn on the light.

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