How to Take Off a Toilet Tank

A toilet tank holds the water for your toilet to flush. It is attached to the toilet bowl by a set of tank bolts. In between the tank and the toilet bowl is a seal that keeps water from leaking out of the tank. If the seal rots away, or comes loose somehow, the toilet bowl may lose water unexpectedly. Removing the toilet bowl might also be necessary if the toilet bowl cracks, releasing water all over the floor.

A leaking toilet tank may need to be removed.
  1. Follow the water supply tube leading from the bottom of the tank to the water supply valve. Turn the water supply valve clockwise to turn off the water. Flush the toilet to remove any water from the tank.

  2. Remove the lid off the toilet tank and sponge up the water.

  3. Hold the bolt on the inside of the tank over the water supply line. Turn the bolt holding the water supply line to the bottom of the tank and remove the supply line.

  4. Hold the nuts on the underside of the tank with a wrench. Find the bolt on the inside of the tank that is connected to the nut.

  5. Turn the screw using a screwdriver. Repeat for the second bolt while holding the nut underneath the tank. Pull the bolts out.

  6. Lift the tank off the bowl.