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How to Scroll Up the Screen of a Ti-83 Plus

Kathy Adams

Scroll up on the TI-83 Plus graphing calculator using the "up" button, a curved button with an upward-facing arrow on it.

How to Scroll Up the Screen of a Ti-83 Plus

The Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus calculator isn't just a standard scientific calculator. It also comes in handy for graphing, finding square roots and figuring out complicated equations. Unlike some other graphing calculators, the TI-83 Plus allows inputting the calculations exactly as they'd be written out by hand in math or science classes.

Scroll Functions

Scrolling up the screen on a TI-83 Plus is simply a matter of using the "up" button to scroll to the desired location. This calculator has four directional buttons on it, much like many television remotes or old-school video game controllers. Look for the curved buttons grouped in a circle on the right side of the calculator, under the top row of buttons beneath the display screen. Each button has an arrow indicating the scroll direction. The "up" arrow indicates the means to scroll upwards. The scroll buttons can be used at any time necessary when viewing calculation results or table data. Likewise, the "down" button can be used to scroll back down through the results.

Similar Models

The features of the TI-83 Plus are nearly identical to several other Texas Instruments graphing calculators. Scrolling up is also accomplished via the "up" button on the TI-83, the TI-84 and the TI-84 Plus.

Acceptable for Exams

The TI-83 Plus isn't just handy in the classroom and for doing homework; it's also approved for use during some important exams. The 83 Plus is approved for use during SAT, PSAT, ACT and International Baccalaureate exams.

Downloadable Apps and Upgrades

Special applications and upgrades for the TI-83 Plus are also available for download from the TI website. Visit the calculator's product page on the Texas Instruments website, then select the "applications" tab. Some of the helpful downloads include an area-formulas app with practice exercises and quiz questions and a cell-sheet app for data that can be shared with Microsoft Excel using conversion software. Other apps help develop logic and reasoning skills or allow basic note-taking and word-processing on the calculator. The apps page even has downloadable puzzle-style games designed for the calculator.

Installing upgrades or applications requires a computer with the TI Connect software installed. This software is available on the TI website. Connect the calculator to the computer with the TI Connectivity Cable, a standard A- to Mini-B USB cable. Follow prompts within the TI Connect software to install the desired upgrade or application. This method can also be used to install updates to the calculator's operating system, as needed.