How to Scroll Up the Screen of a Ti-83 Plus

As you type more and more numbers and equations into your TI-83 Plus graphing calculator, the device will store all previously entered information on screen.

However, when more information is entered than can be displayed on screen at one time, certain information is moved off screen. Just like you can scroll up in a program window on your computer to display more information, you can do the same thing on your TI-83 Plus.

Locate the small blinking square on your TI-83 Plus calculator's screen. This square represents your cursor, similar in concept to the cursor in a word processing program on your computer.

Press "Up" one time on your calculator. Notice that the blinking square moves up one line from its previous position.

Continue to press "Up" on your TI-83 Plus calculator. The blinking square will eventually move up to the top of the screen, at which point it will begin to display information that had been previously moved off screen. This process is called scrolling. Continue to scroll upward until you see the information you desire.

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