How to Hide Wires Against Baseboards

Certain electronic components (like a home stereo system) may require you to run cables from one end of your room to the other to attach the stereo to the speakers. Instead of running cables across the center of the floor, hide them from sight against the baseboard. Running cables under carpeting or an area rug can result in audio distortion if people walk over them. The baseboard is near the bottom of a wall, where the wall meets the floor.

  1. Disconnect wires and cables from the devices whose wires you want to hide. Trying to hide wires while still connected could result in accidentally pulling a speaker down off of a wall, pulling an electronic component off a shelf or some other accident that could damage a piece of equipment.

  2. Stretch your wires along the baseboard of your room from one end to the other. If your floor is carpeted, push the wires down between the small gap where the carpeting meets the wall. This will keep the wires hidden along the baseboard. Reconnect eac the wires to your devices.

  3. Attach a thin piece of tape every 12- to 24-inches to secure your wires directly to the baseboard (for hardwood floors). This will prevent them from hanging loose, which could cause a tripping accident. Connect each end of the wires to your devices.


  • You can substitute cable or wire staples for tape, but proceed with caution. The ends of the staple need to go around the cable, not through it. If the staple penetrates the cable it will damage the cable beyond repair. Regular staples will not work.

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