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How to Get the Snake Scent Out of Your Home

Philippa Jones

If you have had a pet snake, or found a snake living in your home, then its urine can cause an unpleasant smell. If it dies and its body decomposes then this releases a nasty scent. It is important that you clean and remove bio-hazard as it for the benefit of your health. Over time, the scent will naturally disperse, however it is best to alleviate the problem by getting it out.

  1. Assess where the snake scent is coming from. Sometimes snakes make nests in your home such as under floorboards or in a garage, the leftover droppings or a carcass omits smell. Follow your nose and sniff out the problem area.

  2. Sweep up droppings. Use the dustpan and brush to clean out the snake's tank, or scoop up droppings where snakes have been living. Make sure you put this waste in a bin outside of the home to get rid of the scent.

  3. Mix a squirt of detergent and disinfectant into the hot water. Put the gloves on to protect your hands.

  4. Scrub the snake's tank, or the area which you cleaned of snake droppings. Use a wire brush to lift up debris caked onto the surface. Get into crevices and holes surrounding the area to perform a thorough clean.

  5. Spray air freshener around the home, or light incense to disguise the smell while it disperses. The lingering snake scent can be covered up until it has dispersed.

  6. Boil the cinnamon stick, orange peel and cup of water in a pan until it is boiling. Then transfer the mixture into a cup. Put in the area where you have sniffed out the smell, and let the scent emit to mask the odor.