Do-It-Yourself Gutters

Gutters are installed on the bottom of a roof. They help run rain water to a downspout and away from the house. Gutters can be made of either vinyl or aluminum. Both of these products install in the exact same manner. When you are installing gutters, it is important to angle them slightly so the water does not sit in them, but runs down and out. It is recommended to have a 1/2-inch slope for every 10-feet of gutter. Installing gutters is a job any homeowner can accomplish with a few simple instructions.

Gutters can be installed on any home.
  1. Position the ladder on one end of the roof and measure down 1-1/4-inches from the drip edge on the roof. Mark the spot with a pencil. Move to the other side of the house and mark all the way down the fascia with a pencil. Snap a chalk line from one line to the other to account for the slope.

  2. Pre-dill 1/8-inch holes every 16 inches across the fascia board with a power drill. Line up the fascia brackets at each hole and screw them into place with lag screws. Lay out the first piece of gutter and snap an end cap onto the end.

  3. Set the gutter on top of the fascia brackets and rotate it upward until the back edge slips into the fascia hooks. Drill a 3/16-inch hole through the mounting holes in each bracket, and drill a 1-inch machine screw through the hole. Repeat the process for each of the brackets.

  4. Slide a strip miter joint over the end of the first piece of gutter and attach it with gutter screws. Insert four screws through the miter joint and into the gutter. Install the next gutter in the same manner as the first was installed. Continue down the first side of the house. Measure and cut the last gutter of the first side to size using a hack saw.

  5. Slide a downspout outlet over the last piece of gutter, and secure it with gutter screws just like the miter strip joint. Snap an end cap in place over the end of the outlet. Attach the downspout over the hole with gutter screws, and run it down the side of the house to the ground.


  • Always be careful when working on a ladder.